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Hindu Federation Youth Conference Display


In 2009, I was graciously asked by the Hindu Federation to display a few pieces of work at their Hindu Federation Youth Conference held in the Mississauga. Though I didn’t attend the conference myself, here is a picture of my little section. It’s definitely a lot of my older work.

I know I said I have been upto a lot of creativity over the past couple of non-blogging weeks, and here I am posting something from 2009. I apologize. You can look forward to seeing my purchases at the Toronto Bead Convention, two beautiful new jewelry sets, and a couple of pen doodles. I have not yet uploaded pictures from my camera, but I promise that there will be new stuff in a week.

Why a week I say? Because for now, I’m off to New York! See you all soon :)



OCAD is having its annual Whodunit? Art sale.

Students, faculty and the local artists can submit a 5×7 inch piece of art in any medium. The catch? The names are on the BACK of the artwork. This way, people will purchase the artwork for $75, and not know whether the artwork is done by a local famous artist or a first year student until after the purchase is made. I think it’s a great concept, because people are buying the art for the art, and not because of the name.

The Gala Preview has an entrance price of $150 dollars, and the Whodunit? art sale has sponsors such as TD Insurance, Direct Energy, and CP24. The Globe and Mail calls it “one of the city’s most ingenious art fundraisers”. If you are interested in checking it out, you can attend the free public art sale on November 20th from 10AM – 4PM.

You might see me there, and you might also see one of my submissions :)

To find out more visit http://whodunit.ocad.ca/. I think it’ll be an extremely interesting experience!