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Fun with Felt Florals


I’ve been noticing a lot of fun felt projects online, and thought I’d give it a shot. I can already think of a lot of creative gift wrappings, cards, and children’s headbands that could be embellished with a simple floral felt design. My goal was to create quick and simple flowers using nothing but a glue gun and beads that I already have at home. The greatest thing about using felt is how cheap it is. I got enough felt to last me two years, for only $1.35 at my local fabric store :)


A new key chain, and my 100th post!


Hello all! So as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in two weeks! I have been fiddling more with ink and acrylics though, so I’ll post that soon.

Today, however, I will post something different. So, these past two weeks have definitely been a very irresponsible two weeks of my life. I lost my entire key chain, left my agenda (which is basically how I know where I am) at my friends place, and have misplaced countless other things. I have also been extremely klutsy, dropping my computer charger into salsa, and walking into walls.

I digress. To get to the point, To replace my old key chain, I have pulled out a new key chain that I made a while ago. I got this great necklace when I did my dance arangetram in 2009, but it wasn’t really my style so I took it apart for the very unique rock-beads. I used those to make this key chain.

So as far as the past two weeks go, I also have some great news! I am officially a University Graduate, and a working girl in Toronto! This big news is definitely a worthy topic for my  100th post :)

Toronto Bead Convention


In mid March, I attended the Toronto Bead Convention at the Metro Convention Centre. Here are some of my purchases, taken by my Sony Cybershot camera.

1) Amethyst Balls

2)Peuter caps. These make any bead look so expensive!

3)More Peuter beads

4) Bali beads, and Garnet pendant from Indonesia (These were my expensive purchases of the day)

5) Peuter end peices

6) Crystals (A string of crystals cost only $4.00)

7) Onyx.

8) This bead was handmade in africa, and I got it because I thought it looked like a Mridangam. Istill haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to use it

Following the bead convention, I made an amethyst set, and the set with the Bali beads. Both turned out great! I will definitely be posting them soon. The moral of this post is that, if you’re into beading, you should definitely check out the Toronto convention. It’s an amazing place and the prices comparitively are GREAT! You can also get some really unique quality items.

Heart Keychain


After not having a proper key chain for a long time, I decided to make one using a few leftover beads and a large heart pendant I purchased a while ago and never used. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to rotate the key chain so that you could see the different beads I used, but both pictures look exactly the same. I think the last one shows the key chain the best, even though it is on my horrible pink carpet.

Makes a pretty good Christmas Present don’t you think?

An Introduction: Vidya, and a Bracelet


I recently made a unique bracelet. The actual bracelet design is very straight forward and it took me less than 15 minutes to make, but it’s the beads that make it interesting.

I was first inspired to start Jewelry Making by my good friend Vidya. I met her through dance, and she’s currently doing her Masters in Aerospace Engineering at UofT. She’s smart, a great baker, very outdoorsy, and has highly advanced bead knowledge. She’s also Aquarius- It doesn’t get much better than that!

Anyways, I was at her house one day eating her blueberry cornbread and looking at her pictures from her trip to Hawaii, when she opened up her bead drawer to show me some stuff she was working on. She pulled out this bag of beads from India that she received as a gift many years ago, and gave me a small handful. Apparently there were many more, and she’d already used them a lot.

These beads were something else. They all had a black base, but each bead was different. They really had a lot of character, and I knew that I wouldn’t have to do much to create a very interesting piece of jewelry.

Here’s the finishing product (I apologize for the lighting, the beads aren’t as dark as they appear in the picture.):