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Paint Nite Donation


I worked for Paint Nite Toronto for 7 great months! I learnt a lot, and accumulated boxes of beginner level paintings! I decided to donate these paintings to my United Way Charity Auction at work, and the Handicare International Charity Auction in November. Not only will I donate to two great causes, but I will also clear space in my parents garage :) Win Win!


Of course, since most of these paintings were completed in less than 20 minutes, each painting may not fetch much. However, I hope to gain some power in numbers:)

Linoblock Printing Workshop


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I recently attended a workshop at Wise Daughters. It was my first experience with Linoblock carving, and my second experience with Christine Pensa. As expected, it was a great afternoon, and I had a great time with the carving & stamping! Though I LOVED screen printing, it is material heavy and I probably won’t get into it until I have my own place. Linoblock printing is a little more low maintenance, and I’m already brainstorming ideas! You should all check out the Wise Daughters workshops! I made a few simple patterns. Once I use my prints in some final artwork, I will post it all up! I actually scheduled this post, because I am currently on vacation! When I’m back stay tuned, I’m looking forward to a very creative summer.

Cake Decorating Lesson


A coworker found a great Groupon for a cake decorating lesson at Sugar Tiers in Markham. We had a great time cutting the cake, icing it, and decorating with Fondant :) My friends and I also had a great time eating the cake ;). These workshops book very fast, so if you do find a free spot for their workshop, you should all try it out!

A Vector Image of an Apple




In Adobe Illustrator, we have learnt about patterning, textures, and more excitingly, 3D objects! As an initial exercise, we had to draw an apple. Of all Design programs I have dabbled in, Illustrator is my absolute favourite. I have always been interested in drawing and painting, so it is exciting to be able to translate that into a vector image. I will soon upload a composition including a table, a vase, and the apple.