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Positano Painting



I have wanted to paint something to replace the Superman over our bed, and I couldn’t think of a place more beautiful than Positano, one of our Honeymoon destinations! It is a beautiful addition to our home, and has as much meaning to us as our Toronto Skyline painting :)

This painting is 30×40″ in Oil Paints.

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Colourful Abstract Peacock Painting



After checking out Paintlouge in Markham and trying out Acrylic Paints seriously for the first time, I finally made it back to the Paintlounge in Toronto to learn how to build textures. The amazing 3D effect was a lot of fun to develop, and I had a great time practicing the techniques on this colourful freestyle peacock :)


As a Paint Nite instructor, I always tell my friends to find a location near them and check out Paint Nite. It’s a super relaxed environment and a lot of fun. That being said, PaintLounge is a great place to build on techniques, and the overall environment there is really inspiring.

Sri’s Arts Cards


On September 22, Handicare International is having its annual fundraiser. I have always supported this charity, as over 90% of their proceeds go directly to help the cause. This year I will be donating a couple of paintings for their silent auction; Tangled, and two surprises :). I decided I’d attach a small card along with the paintings, to direct those who bid on my paintings to my website. I designed these two cards last week, and printed a few out on my HP printer.

(Please ignore my chipped nailpolish!)

Acrylic Paint Henna


A couple of years ago, I was painting on Canvas with Acrylic Paints. As I was waiting for a layer of paint to dry, I started doodling with the Acrylics on my hand, and ended up with this white & blue henna design. I’m not sure if I would ever sport something like this in public, but it was a fun way to kill time :)

A colourful Owl


Owls seem to be very “in” in the art world. I’ve stumbled across many Owl cards, Owl stuffed toys, and even Owl needle felts. I have to say, some of them are extremely cute, and I might try my own stuffed toy sometime soon.

In the interim, here is a quick Owl doodle I did using my Stabilo pens. Not complicated art by any means, but it did keep me occupied during my commute!