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Paper Peacock Feathers


My aunt and I had a great time making these paper peacock feathers using scrap book paper and brown paper bags :)



Happy Valentines Day!


This valentines day card was a very simple combination of card stock, scrap book paper, acrylic paint and Mod Podge (I only used the Mod Podge to seal in some loose thread). I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day :)

7 Days of Christmas Day 3- Bulk Christmas Cards!


This year my sister and I went on a Christmas card rampage! It all started when my coworker “K” spotted this fun wrapping paper at this  store called “essence du papier”. After a huge hunt for some card paper, I got three huge sheets of navy blue, silver and red paper at Curry’s for only $3.00! My sister and I spent two full evenings making cards for our friends and coworkers. The red and green cards are the ones that we made for corworkers. “K”‘s neat handwriting gave the cards a nice finish I could never get with my chicken scratch :) The cards for our friends were made on the navy blue paper, to match our navy blue and silver Christmas theme.

After two full nights of card making, we were definitely in the christmas spirit. Literally “IN” the christmas spirit. We were COVERED in sparkles!

For the fun sight of the day, here’s some of the snow fall we had last weekend. The snow fall was very light, although it was nice that each snow flake pattern was so distinct. It melted by the end of the day, but it did give us momentary joy.

Congratulations Card


I was sorting through some art stuff last week, and I came across this card my sister and I made back in 2008.We had a few weddings and arangetrams to attend that year, so we had made 6 or 7 similar cards.

It is a simple card made with a stack of scrap booking paper that we picked up from Costco about a decade ago (Yes, we still have it!). We glued it on using a children’s sticky glue bottle on card paper. Here it is!

Happy Valentines Day!


I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Valentines Day with this quick cut and paste heart using premade scrap book paper, and a quick rendition of Pehla Nasha. I used a Karaoke that I found on YouTube, and used Audacity to change the pitch and add my voice in. Enjoy! :)

Pehla Nasha Lyrics & Translation

I got the translation from HERE

Chaahe Tum Kuch Na Kaho, Maine Sunn Liya
Though you didn’t say anything, I heard you

Ke Saathi Pyaar Ka, Mujhe Chunn Liya
That you chose me your mate

Chun Liya, Maine Sunn Liya
You chose me, and I heard it

Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar
The first elation, first hangover

Naya Pyaar Hai, Naya Intezaar
Love is new to me, so is this longing

Karloon Main Kya Apna Haal
What will I do to myself

Ae Dil-E-Beqaraar
Oh restless heart

Mere Dil-E-Beqaraar, Tu Hi Bata
My restless heart, you may tell me

Udtaa Hi Phiroon Inn Hawaon Mein Kahin
Shall I roam around along this wind

Ya Main Jhool Jaon Inn Ghataon Mein Kahin
Or shall I swing on these clouds

Ek Kardoon Aasmaan Aur Zameen
May I unite the sky and earth

Kaho Yaaron Kya Karoon, Kya Nahin
Tell me friends, what I should do and what not

Usne Baat Ki Kuch Aise Dhang Se
He spoke to me such a way that

Sapne De Gaya Woh Hazaaron Rang Ke
He gave me dreams in a thousand colours

Reh Jaun Jaise Main Haarke
I will remain surrendered like this

Aur Choome Woh Mujhe Pyaar Se
And he will kiss me with Love


P.S: I had scheduled this post for valentines day, and I just realized today that I didn’t click Publish!!