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An Arjuna inspired Tattoo


For as long as i’ve known my husband, he has wanted an Arjuna inspired tattoo but he was never able to pin point the design or style he wanted. As a surprise anniversary present, I designed a tattoo based on everything I knew about him, his style, and his tattoo related ramblings. Design in hand, I took him for his first official Tattoo consultation. Not only was Arjun SUPER surprised, but he loved the design right off the bat! A few weeks and a few tweaks later, and we were back at the tattoo parlour to get inked. It was the most nerve wracking experience to know that there was no going back!

I am so honoured that my husband loved my work enough to put it on his body forever :)


Engagement Cards :)



This past week, I got engaged! Though I didn’t plan the event, I got to pick out decorations, design invitations, arrange for hand designed table numbers, and wrap return gifts. Basically, all the fun stuff!

I drew a motif using my .3 mm Stabilo Pen, converted it into a Vector Image, and used that as the theme for this event. The casual mehendi invite to my immediate family had the image in mehendi-green followed by text. The bridesmaid invite in rich purple (Top Right) included a cheesy poem, and were personalized for each bridesmaid. The engagement e-vite was in a deep maroon (Bottom Left), and the Thank You Cards (Top Left) were in a rustic orange. The maroon and orange matched the decorations at the hall, and those colours were also used for the beautiful number signs for the table decor.

The event was a lot of fun, and it was touching to have family all over the world come to celebrate with us! Stay tuned for several wedding related DIY projects :)

Linoblock Printing Workshop


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I recently attended a workshop at Wise Daughters. It was my first experience with Linoblock carving, and my second experience with Christine Pensa. As expected, it was a great afternoon, and I had a great time with the carving & stamping! Though I LOVED screen printing, it is material heavy and I probably won’t get into it until I have my own place. Linoblock printing is a little more low maintenance, and I’m already brainstorming ideas! You should all check out the Wise Daughters workshops! I made a few simple patterns. Once I use my prints in some final artwork, I will post it all up! I actually scheduled this post, because I am currently on vacation! When I’m back stay tuned, I’m looking forward to a very creative summer.

Condo Living Magazine



For my InDesign Class, our final project consisted of putting together a 20 page magazine. We were instructed to get content from the Internet, and the focus was on designing the magazine effectively. During Sri Ram Katha, a dance drama I participated in, I had put together a 22 page book which had taken me days to put together! I didn’t know much about creating a book with InDesign, so I had a lot of little problems that took a lot of googling to solve. With all the new skills I have developed, this magazine took less than 10 hours including research :) I am pretty happy with how far I have come, and I am ready to take on new book challenges! If you would actually like to read the content, feel free to click on the image to see a larger version.CondoLivingMagazineV22CondoLivingMagazineV23CondoLivingMagazineV24CondoLivingMagazineV25CondoLivingMagazineV26CondoLivingMagazineV27CondoLivingMagazineV28CondoLivingMagazineV29CondoLivingMagazineV210

I would like to add a huge disclaimer, that none of the material is mine. This was purely a design project and using material from the internet was a part of our project outline. With the exception of headers, sub-headers  and a few intro / conclusion paragraphs that I added to make the content relevant, I have to thank the following references for fantastic information & photos. Here is my list of references (Click to view larger copy).


NASA Book Cover


Using various photo shop tools, text provided by our teacher, and a high resolution photo from  NASA, I created this book cover. Click on the image below to get an idea of how “high resolution” this image is!

By visiting NASA online, you can simply sign up to receive high resolution photos at regular intervals! With a few photoshop adjustments, the effects are stunning! Here is the original image:

Sri Ram Katha- Poster Madness!


This past weekend was our Dance Drama “Sri Ram Katha”. It was a huge hit :) It was completely sold out, and the feedback we got was fantastic! For this event, I was going crazy preparing posters of different sizes, a 24 page booklet, at least 8 advertisements from our sponsors, and more! It was a massive challenge because I don’t know the software well, so every small thing became a huge project in its own. It took me a few hours just to figure out optimal printing settings (And even then, my crop marks weren’t done properly). It was a lot of hard work on the design front, but it was extremely exciting to see 250 booklets with my design on it! The top photo above is a 24 x 38 inch poster that we printed for the front entrance. It was massive! The image below is a facebook “cover photo” that was featured on “Priyalasya“.

After a huge website update, the work is finally coming to a close. It was a tiring couple of weeks, but it was completely worth it :)