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Phir Le Aya Dil – Barfi


I had one of those rare hours to myself at home, and thought it would be a fun time to record a song :) This is one of my favorite songs, in one of my favorite movies “Barfi”. This was a one-shot recording, with very little practice, so please forgive all the errors!


the helpless heart has brought me here again,
staying away wasn’t good to me, what to do…
the heart says go complete the talk that still remains incomplete,
that memory that remains still incomplete,

today I admit there was a mistake that I did, what to do,
the heart says, go get it,
that one suppressed wish that is within your heart

The fate wishes this, what to do,
let us keep meeting as we do, what to do,
the heart says, go make it forever,
that stuck path that is there,
that stuck wish that is there..
that stuck love that is there..