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An Arjuna inspired Tattoo


For as long as i’ve known my husband, he has wanted an Arjuna inspired tattoo but he was never able to pin point the design or style he wanted. As a surprise anniversary present, I designed a tattoo based on everything I knew about him, his style, and his tattoo related ramblings. Design in hand, I took him for his first official Tattoo consultation. Not only was Arjun SUPER surprised, but he loved the design right off the bat! A few weeks and a few tweaks later, and we were back at the tattoo parlour to get inked. It was the most nerve wracking experience to know that there was no going back!

I am so honoured that my husband loved my work enough to put it on his body forever :)


Gold & Silver Bookmarks


Hello, To those of you who continue to be so faithful to my blog- Thank you! I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have not given up- far from it! I have been doing a lot of creating, and hope to update this blog with all of the fun projects (both big and small) that I have been up to. For more up-to-date information, make sure you check out my website http://www.sris-arts.com

I used black paper with Gold & Silver pen to create these fun zentagle bookmarks!

First Commissioned Drawing



This is a 5×7 drawing on Strathmore Bristol Vellum. It was my first time drawing stubble, tattoo’s, and gelled male hair, so it was an enjoyable challenge :)

This drawing was commissioned for a friend of a friend of a friend :) I would like to personally like to thank Suji for spreading the word about Srisarts, and I hope this drawing finds a happy home!

A Vector Image of an Apple




In Adobe Illustrator, we have learnt about patterning, textures, and more excitingly, 3D objects! As an initial exercise, we had to draw an apple. Of all Design programs I have dabbled in, Illustrator is my absolute favourite. I have always been interested in drawing and painting, so it is exciting to be able to translate that into a vector image. I will soon upload a composition including a table, a vase, and the apple.