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Oil Painting Flower Magnet



An El Salvadoran co-worker of mine wanted to order a painting from me, but her time in Canada was limited, and there would not have been enough time for a large oil painting to fully dry. I decided to surprise her with a mini painting, which could be used as a magnet. I wrapped this simple floral painting up in an old Ghiradelli Chocolate Box :) As it is not completely dry, the photos didn’t turn out great.



Purple Floral Rhinestone Card


I created this card using white card stock, a few rhinestones from the dollar store, old scrapbook paper and acrylic paints. Definitely a card fit for a diva :)

This card was also a part of my sick afternoon creative session. Two days of painful boredom was good for something!

Two Years of Sri’s Arts!


Two years ago, when I thought about using a blog to organize my artwork, I was not met with too much enthusiasm. On the contrary, I kept the blog to myself for about a month until I could show my closest friends what I had in mind. Though I still got a lot of skepticism, I really liked the idea of organizing my art work, and documenting the thought behind why I did what I did.

The two years since then have been phenomenal! Slowly adding to my collection, my views slowly increased, and soon the same people who were skeptical were asking me when I would be posting next. It also gave me a great outlet to share my work with my family and friends around the world! The final month before the “two year anniversary”, April 2012, was the busiest month yet! We had over 2000 views in April alone, and a LOT of activity in the final days, when I posted my latest Oil Painting & Design Project. In November of 2011, I registered my domain: srisarts.com, and created my own ‘logo’, really marking my ‘domain’ on the web.

Interesting Stats:

Here are my three top posts (by views), and top search keywords over the past 2 years.

My Top Posts: Peacock & Mango, Radha & Krishna, Krishna, Radha & Gopis

My Top Search Keywords: Peacock Drawing, Wish Flower, Radha Krishna

My Top Countries: India, USA, Canada (Almost a tie!), UK, and Malaysia

And counting.. :)

I have a lot of Artsy goals that I would like to accomplish in the next couple of years. These goals include Graphic Design pursuits, singing plans, as well as developing my Fine Arts skills.  I hope I continue to keep your interest as I embark this artistic journey. I thank all of you for the support I have gotten so far, without which I wouldn’t have had the enthusiasm and drive I have today. :)

Floral Card with Nu Pastels


I decided to play around with my box of Nu Pastels and bright orange toned paper. Though I’ve often seen many colours used on toned paper, I somehow like the monochromatic look.

Here it is :)

This month has been hectic and fun! There’s been something happening on each day of the weekends and I’ve been spending very little time at home. On the weekdays I’ve decided to pick up my singing practice which I neglected in December. Needless to say, my arts has been put on the back burner. However, next month my sister and I are heading to Singapore on a 1.5 week vacation! We have decided to make a few bracelets for the family there, and I will be posting that soon :) Also, I hope to get back into my Oil Painting Lessons in March!

Flower on blue paper!


This past week, I went shopping in Toronto and decided to make a stop at Curry’s! I hadn’t been there in a long time, and I was like a kid in a candy store! Anyways, they had some paper on sale, so I got a roll of blue paper for $0.25. I decided to get some darker blue Nu Pastel to work on this toned paper. I have never worked on toned paper in any other colour except for grey, and that too, I’ve only worked on commercially toned paper once before my recent card-making spree. I actually really enjoyed it, and I will probably be using the blue paper for another card or two in the near future.

The first image is the card alone, and the second is the new card along with the two other cards I recently made.