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Wooden Photo Transfer – DIY!


For a friends 24th birthday, I decided to try out wooden photo transfers- a crafts project that I’ve been thinking about for a while. At University, I had a huge group of friends, but the four of us were inseparable! We were SO different, that there was never really a dull moment. We’ve now been friends for over 5 years, and I always look forward to our baking sessions, movie nights, and coffee breaks. Needless to say, one of the photos I picked was of the four of us at our graduation dinner. The other photo I picked was of the Toronto sky line, something I know my friend will like.

Michaels had a huge sale for Labour Day weekend which actually justified their exorbitant prices. I picked up some Elmers glue, mod podge, and wood, and I was on my way! It was definitely a tedious process, and I have already learnt a bit about what works and what doesn’t. While it’s not perfect (Half of one of my friends face was knocked off :P), I hope she likes the thought that went into it :)

Here are some pictures of the process. For the most part, I followed the instructions on e-How. I actually liked how it wasn’t a perfect transfer. The wood showing in between gives it a rustic feel, and the results look great on my mantle. While tedious and messy, it’s definitely not too difficult, so give it a try!

While I did this nearly two weeks ago, I couldn’t post this until now, as I didn’t want my friend to see it before we gave it to her :) Happy crafting!


Five Birthdays


I have been behind on my posting, but I haven’t fallen behind in creativity.  I promise I will eventually post everything I’ve been upto. So over the past couple of weeks, five of my friends had birthdays, and here are the cards that four of them received (My friends and I made the 5th card in class and I forgot to photograph it!)

1) This is a card made with Stabilo 0.4 mm pens and gold pen for a friend of mine who recently announced that she’s going to be getting married! I’m sure this year is going to bring her a lot of interesting things :)

2) This one is done with graphite pencil. I know it might look bland to you, but somehow I liked it this way. This was for my friend Annya who is an artist herself. I actually still haven’t given this card to her!

3) This third card was for a friend of ours who we joke around with a lot. Clearly :P

4) This card is for one of my oldest and closest friends. Sadly this card isn’t an inside joke. It’s just weird. But she likes weird things I think… She has stuck around me for many years!


So clearly, I had time to make these cards, but I never got around to posting them on my blog. I wish I had a great excuse like “I had so much studying to do!”, but really, I have just been enjoying my final term of university to the fullest. And apparently attending a lot of birthdays

I hope all these 5 people had great birthdays, and have a fantastic year ahead :)

Birthday cards I recieved


For my birthday, I got a ton of home made cards, which my friends & family probably realized that I do love. (Of course, when one of my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said ‘a homemade card’ lol, so I asked for that one :P). Anyways, I think my friends are all pretty amazing artists!

1) Kids cards!: The card below was the first card I recieved, and it was from my 3 year old cousin. I think I sense an artist in the making! The second card is from my friend who is 21, but I felt that his drawing fit in the kids category :P

2) A very personal card: This hilarious card from my sister made my day. It’s filled with inside jokes like my bad haircut, our biggest fight (actually), and how I react to jokes. Isn’t she ridiculously amazing at cartooning?

3) Card Modification: As a vegetarian and a bit of a fob, my friend decided to modify this card that she bought. Also, she sent it to me via snail mail, which was very exciting (I love getting mail)!

4) A nerdy card: My closest friends at university always make homemade cards, and usually, they’re full of math jokes. This one not only had a (very accurate) picture of me in the front, but I had to decrypt the code inside using an affine cipher. If that isn’t nerdy, I dont know what is! And yes, the code is “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!” :P

5) A great attempt: My friend who can’t draw to save his life (kidding: P) worked really hard on this card! He started calling me pineapple head after a bad hairstyle, and somehow I started calling him Mr. Potato Head (Those are potatoes)

6) I can’t be-leaf it!: My friend Vidya (whose card I recently made) made me this card that she stuck leaves onto! I thought it looked pretty great :) Also, to top if off, she gave me a homemade present- these amazing earrings! Vidya, as i’ve mentioned before is amazing at jewelry making. You can check her out on her website!

7) An artist’s card: My friend Annya who blogs at http://annya-suman.blogspot.com is an amazing painter, and she painted this card for me. It looked great!!! Also, her sister and one of my closest friends made the envelope (See, I did give you credit :)!

And there you have it, amazing birthday cards from amazing people :) What do you all think?

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