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A Rainy Day



Using watercolours, black ink, rhinestones, and a few interesting techniques I picked up from youtube, I created this “Rainy Day” painting. I think this is a huge improvement over my previous watercolour experiment :)


Raja Ravi Varma Portrait


My painting instructor suggested I attempt a portrait, since I tend to draw people a lot. I was met with a huge surprise! Painting portraits and drawing them could not be any more different- painting definitely being the more challenging of the two. I decided to base my painting off of the work of the famous Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma. Every South Indian I know has a Ravi Varma knock-off hanging off their walls, so I thought that this would be something that they could relate to. With this ‘interpretation’, I attempted to match the style and pose, but didn’t try too hard to match the exact facial features or details. Overall I thought it was not too shabby, considering it was my first attempt :)

I painted this using oil paints on a 16×20 inch stretched canvas. Overall this painting took less than 8 hours, which felt incredibly short after my previous painting!

On an unrelated note, I have a friend named Raja Ravi. Unfortunately, it’s not the artist, but I do get reminded of him every time I look at this painting!