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Lazy Birthday Cards Part 2


Here are the final two cards I made, with a mix of leftover paint, pencil crayons, and black pen. I am aware that this looks like it was put together by a 12 year old :P But it’s the thought that counts, right?

This first card is for our “diva” friend, who happens to be a guy.

This card is for our friend who loves to eat cake. loves to eat anything really… And she happens to be a girl.

A Girl’s Bracelet


Next week my sister and I are going on our first vacation alone, and it’s definitely going to be an interesting one (And it will be VERY interesting if I still have this cold, and I will have to cough into the face of the poor person sitting next to me on the 24 hour journey). That’s right. 24 hour journey. We are traveling half way around the world to Singapore for 10 days! We are spending 3 of those days in Cambodia visiting Angkor Wat.

Anything that you can find in Canada can be found in Singapore (Except winter gear, but who needs that in 30+ degrees?), so my sister and I thought we’d make all the ladies (My two chitti’s (aunts) and my two cousins) some simple bracelets. It would be extremely personal, and definitely something that they couldn’t buy in Singapore. Unfortunately my sister had 5 midterms and even more assignments, so she’s been pretty MIA. My sister and I do enjoy making jewelry together, but this time I had to fly solo :(

Here’s the first bracelet- A little something in Pink for my girly 9 year old cousin :)