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Gold & Silver Bookmarks


Hello, To those of you who continue to be so faithful to my blog- Thank you! I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have not given up- far from it! I have been doing a lot of creating, and hope to update this blog with all of the fun projects (both big and small) that I have been up to. For more up-to-date information, make sure you check out my website http://www.sris-arts.com

I used black paper with Gold & Silver pen to create these fun zentagle bookmarks!

Happy New Year – 10 Days of Sketches :)


Happy New Year! It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I have posted on my blog! Last year was definitely a big creative year for me. I had my first official Art job at Paint Nite, I did a record number of painting commissions, got my Graphic Design certification, and designed my webpage http://www.sris-arts.com. 2015 has been a bit slow on the bigger creative projects, mostly because I’ve been working on lots of cute DIY projects for my Wedding!

To kick off some 2015 Creativity, I thought I would post blogs 10 days in a row, with 10 pages out of my sketch book which is still getting filled at a rapid rate. I stuck a few coloured pages into my sketch book to keep things interesting :)


Push Pin Map!


IMG_20140221_135751 IMG_20140221_135838 IMG_20140221_135632 IMG_20140221_133302

This is a project that I have been wanting to do ever since I graduated. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot, and it was fun going through old memories and pushing pins into my new map :) I can’t wait to fill my board up with exciting travel adventures!

How I did it:

First I got a 24×36″ frame from Walmart online at $33 including shipping. If you live in the USA, it’s almost half that cost! I also ordered a laminated Map from National Geographic USA for $12 including shipping, got two packs of Cork from Rona for $24, Spray glue from Rona for $6, and some Krylon Gold Spray for $4. I was extremely pleased and excited with the results.

First I lightly used spray adhesive on the backing of the frame, attached the cork board, cut the edges to size, and let it dry. Then, by spraying close to the cork (an inch or two away), I was able to get enough glue to stick the map onto the cork. I used a ruler to smooth out any bubbles.


After putting the dried board with the cork and map back into the frame, I then sprayed some pins I found by my moms sewing machine in Gold. This was a small detail that I think really made my map look extremely classy.


Geometric Gold Card


2013-03-24 22.28.34

I used my embossing stamps, silver embossing powder, acrylic paint & little crystals I got from Etsy to make this 5×7 card. Ever since I got my Martha Stewart score board, I find that my cards look much more professional :) It’s hard to see the 3D effect of the stamps. I tried to take a picture under light so you can see the full effect. The geometric pattern reminds me of those wooden doors in India.

2013-03-24 22.27.33

Red Paisley Indian Card



2013-03-24 22.26.22


I created this card using acrylic paint, card stock, and some gold foil from the inside of an old envelope. I used a thick gold acrylic paint and some acrylic medium in order to get some depth into the border. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the red background shines in the light thanks to hints of gold paint :)