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Paint Nite Donation


I worked for Paint Nite Toronto for 7 great months! I learnt a lot, and accumulated boxes of beginner level paintings! I decided to donate these paintings to my United Way Charity Auction at work, and the Handicare International Charity Auction in November. Not only will I donate to two great causes, but I will also clear space in my parents garage :) Win Win!


Of course, since most of these paintings were completed in less than 20 minutes, each painting may not fetch much. However, I hope to gain some power in numbers:)

Raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society


This year, a friend and I were co-captains for a Relay for Life team. Relay for Life is hosted annually at my University, where students walk/jog the outdoor track from 7PM-7AM to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. This was my second year participating in the relay, and my interest was spurred by a good friend of mine that passed away from cancer in November 2009.

Our team, “Team Pi” raised around $2000.00, and I personally managed to raise close to $350. During our money-raising period, the co-captain and I put together a VERY quick, and if I must say VERY artistic, money collector made out of a paper coffee cup. I am also being VERY sarcastic when I call this artistic. We managed to raise over $50.00 by just collecting spare change from our small math classes. To those of you who donated, thank you for contributing towards a great cause :) I am definitely going to miss such spirited university events now that I am done!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to write an entire post without something artsy in it! Here is our money collecting cup :)