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Engagement Cards :)



This past week, I got engaged! Though I didn’t plan the event, I got to pick out decorations, design invitations, arrange for hand designed table numbers, and wrap return gifts. Basically, all the fun stuff!

I drew a motif using my .3 mm Stabilo Pen, converted it into a Vector Image, and used that as the theme for this event. The casual mehendi invite to my immediate family had the image in mehendi-green followed by text. The bridesmaid invite in rich purple (Top Right) included a cheesy poem, and were personalized for each bridesmaid. The engagement e-vite was in a deep maroon (Bottom Left), and the Thank You Cards (Top Left) were in a rustic orange. The maroon and orange matched the decorations at the hall, and those colours were also used for the beautiful number signs for the table decor.

The event was a lot of fun, and it was touching to have family all over the world come to celebrate with us! Stay tuned for several wedding related DIY projects :)

Vivah: An Indian Bridal Magazine


Last week I finished my first Graphic Design Course. While I was comfortable with Adobe Photoshop basics prior to the course, I was introduced to the wonderful world of InDesign and Illustrator. For my final project, we were to create two magazine articles in a theme of our choice. The first one is the one that I had planned properly, and the pictures and colours worked out well. In the classroom critique, everyone liked the design, and it was definitely the class favourite. The second design was a bit of an experiment. I accidentally picked a photo that had a very busy background, and in an attempt to try ALL the tricks we learnt in class, the overall design (in my opinion) was a complete mess. It was however, an introduction course, and I learnt a lot!

I picked an Indian Bridal theme for my magazine. I called the magazine Viva , to represent the Spanish word “Viva”, and the Hindi word “Vivah”. As I generally like to do with my art, the covers do have some personal value to me. Not only did I use a Spanish play on words (I am currently learning Espanol), but I also included pictures from people that I know.

#1) The first magazine cover has a photo that was sent to me by one of my first employers, Bollywood’s Designer Dinesh Ramsay. The henna art (Which I love!) is from my friend Sowmya Ranganathan, who is the founder of Joy of Henna.

#2) The second design, which I admit I messed up, sports a photo from my friend Hina Rathi at MLR Photography. Similar to the first design, the Henna is from Joy of Henna.

Sri Takes Lessons! – Part 3


After taking my first drawing course as a university elective at the well known OCAD University, I continued my thirst for creative knowledge by taking private oil painting lessons last summer.

Yesterday, I started my third course, which I plan to do in addition to work and extra curricular activities. The Digital Publishing Foundation Certificate is something I can do part-time at my local college. If all goes well, and I follow through with all the required courses over the next couple of years, I will be fully trained in Graphic Design, which is something I have always been interested in. Not only is it an interest, but it is a great way to monetize my creative energy on evenings and weekends.

Stay tuned!

(Additional Note: If you are interested, and would like to know more about why I picked the program I did, leave me a message below, or send me an email :)