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An Arjuna inspired Tattoo


For as long as i’ve known my husband, he has wanted an Arjuna inspired tattoo but he was never able to pin point the design or style he wanted. As a surprise anniversary present, I designed a tattoo based on everything I knew about him, his style, and his tattoo related ramblings. Design in hand, I took him for his first official Tattoo consultation. Not only was Arjun SUPER surprised, but he loved the design right off the bat! A few weeks and a few tweaks later, and we were back at the tattoo parlour to get inked. It was the most nerve wracking experience to know that there was no going back!

I am so honoured that my husband loved my work enough to put it on his body forever :)



Sculpted & Painted Ganesha


For Ganesh Chathurti in 2015, I sculpted a Ganesha using air dry clay and painted it using ink & acrylic paint. It was a great project and the Ganesha continues to be displayed in our small mantle :)


Goddess Lakshmi – A pen doodle



Navrathri is one of my favourite celebrations. It’s 9 days that is essentially devoted to Woman Power! The 9 days of Navrathri celebrate three hindu goddesses; The goddess of power (Durga), wealth (Lakshmi) and knowledge (Saraswati). The belief is that honoring the divine mother will bestow wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge, and other powers into your life.

This doodle in pen is of Goddess Lakshmi