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Happy New Year!


Hello all and I hope you had a wonderful Holidays! I wish you all the very best for the New Year :) 2015 was a great year for creativity, but a slow one for blogging. I hope to bring much more art to you in 2016, especially with my new DIY blog at http://www.sris-arts.com, my new pinterest page, and my new instagram page.

Below are a picture of my first Christmas in the condo, complete with beautiful handmade ornaments :)


Push Pin Map!


IMG_20140221_135751 IMG_20140221_135838 IMG_20140221_135632 IMG_20140221_133302

This is a project that I have been wanting to do ever since I graduated. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot, and it was fun going through old memories and pushing pins into my new map :) I can’t wait to fill my board up with exciting travel adventures!

How I did it:

First I got a 24×36″ frame from Walmart online at $33 including shipping. If you live in the USA, it’s almost half that cost! I also ordered a laminated Map from National Geographic USA for $12 including shipping, got two packs of Cork from Rona for $24, Spray glue from Rona for $6, and some Krylon Gold Spray for $4. I was extremely pleased and excited with the results.

First I lightly used spray adhesive on the backing of the frame, attached the cork board, cut the edges to size, and let it dry. Then, by spraying close to the cork (an inch or two away), I was able to get enough glue to stick the map onto the cork. I used a ruler to smooth out any bubbles.


After putting the dried board with the cork and map back into the frame, I then sprayed some pins I found by my moms sewing machine in Gold. This was a small detail that I think really made my map look extremely classy.


A Quarter Century Birthday Card



One of my closest & oldest friend celebrates her 25th birthday today! After celebrating almost every birthday together, it’s actually crazy to imagine how old we’ve become and how old our friendship is. After living in the same country for our entire lives, she got an amazing job opportunity in London (England) that she just couldn’t refuse. I decided to make her a card and ship it off to her. I got all of our common friends to contribute a personalized message :) This 5×7 card was made using card-stock & acrylic paint.

Pari, I wish you an amazing year, and all the very best in your fancy international career!


Twin Onesies & Decorations




I am very very excited to announce the arrival of my two twin cousins :) For my aunt’s baby shower, which was just a month ago, my sister and I made a few gifts. We used non toxic baby safe fabric markers (Which are awful, but they are child safe and do the trick) to decorate two ‘newborn sized’ onesies. These things are so small and adorable! I also painted four wooden boards from Walmart in a bright yellow, distressed the edges with a deep brown, and used mod podge to stick on some cute alphabet stickers. We wrapped it all up with a Dr.Suess reference (“Thing 1” and “Thing 2”). As we didn’t know the gender at that point, we had to keep everything very gender neutral. With two new girls in the family, I am looking forward to adding pink into their lives :)


Paisley Peach Cards


These two cards were made with acrylic paints, card stock, gold pen, 3D foam tape, and a paisley rubber stamp.

This past week, I came down with a terrible cold and fever! On Thursday afternoon, after spending two full days on the couch I finally got the energy to have a short creative session. It was  not only relaxing, but keeping away from the laptop and TV was great for my headache. Also, I learnt that spending two days on a couch staring at a wall with only a box of tissues for company is great to get the creative juices flowing. Stay tuned for a few more cards I made to replenish my completely depleted ‘card stock’ (pun intended, and if you didn’t get the pun, then it’s probably because it wasn’t very funny :P).

Bracelet for a Teenager


As a final gift to take to Singapore, I made this elegant black and silver (Onyx and freshwater pearl) bracelet for my 16 year old cousin. When she was younger, all she’d ever ask for was chocolates and candy. I was recently chatting with her on Gtalk and asked her which chocolates she wanted, and she responded “I’m not that fat 10 year old kid anymore!”. I kinda forgot that she grew up.

Also, I made fun “Sri’s Arts” tags for the bracelets. I wrapped them up in tissue paper, and put them into old boxes (I have a drawer full of empty boxes and bags, and I only keep the pretty ones). Even if they don’t like what’s inside, they will definitely like the packaging :)