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Sculpted & Painted Ganesha


For Ganesh Chathurti in 2015, I sculpted a Ganesha using air dry clay and painted it using ink & acrylic paint. It was a great project and the Ganesha continues to be displayed in our small mantle :)



Zentangle Watercolour Elephants


I used black ink and water colours to create elephants, which I displayed in a mantle beside my Taj Mahal. I loved the colourful palette and zentagle inspirations :)IMG_20160319_124328.jpg


Happy Birthday to my Sister!



Today is my sister’s 22nd birthday! I am so proud of my little sis for her amazing experience abroad and everything she’s accomplished so far :) I wish her an amazing year full of bigger and better things!

I also recently celebrated the 25th birthday of one of my closest friends from University!


I had several business cards leftover with my old position on it, so I used them to create these cards.

Sri’s Arts in Black Letter



I recently started a Graphic Design course in typography. It’s only been two lessons, and I’ve already learnt a lot! Our prof is a self proclaimed “Typography Nerd”, and after a brief introduction to some terminology, we were introduced to different types of black letter text. For my first assignment, I used black India ink, my old school ink pen, and card stock to draft some letters. I then used Photoshop to put it all together. My rough draft is attached below:

blackletter rough