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Mora Saiyan


I first heard Mora Saiyan in Indian Idol a couple of years ago. It has been one of my favourite songs since. I decided to do a recording of this song yesterday afternoon.

When I was a kid, my sister and I would pick random Hindi songs, find the lyrics, and sing along. It’s hard to imagine that this was prior to YouTube and Google days. We would record ourselves on Sound Recorder and then laugh at ourselves afterwards. When we lost all of our data the day our old old computer crashed, the saddest loss for me was all of the silly songs we sang and made up. For these one shot audacity recordings, I do the same thing. I just randomly pick a song, open up the lyrics/karaoke track online and go at it. It could probably be much better if I practiced, listened to the song first, or used a recording that wasn’t my first, but it’s become a bit of a tradition!

I digress. Anyways, here is my recording, as usual done on Audacity using my oh-so-amazing Laptop Mike. I found the karaoke here.

You can find the lyrics with translation here