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Kids & Cherry Blossoms



This was a commissioned painting of my relative’s kids looking up at a large Cherry Blossom tree in British Columbia. This was definitely one of the most challenging paintings I have ever done, and it was really rewarding to see everything come together. Most importantly, it was very well received :). Hopefully this is the start of many more :)

This is a 16×20″ Oil Painting on Canvas

Artsy Pancakes


Last week, I had a few people stay overnight, and for breakfast we decided to make some Aunt Jemima “Just-Add-Water” pancakes. Yum!

When my friend asked for Micky Mouse pancakes, my first instinct was “How old are you, three?”, but when I got started (with the bear pancakes), I couldn’t stop, and I ended up with a lot of fun pancake shapes! Unfortunately, my entire teddy bear pancake complete with a body, hands and legs wasn’t photographed.

Also, on Thursday, it was my daddy’s birthday so I made a cake using this recipe.  I added a quarter cup more milk than the recipe called for and used lactose free milk, and the cake turned out great! I also liked that it was a slightly smaller quantity, just right for four people. We didn’t have any icing at home, so I used some crumbs to make a balloon, and chocolate chips to decorate the rest.

Children’s Christmas Cards


There are a very few things I enjoy more than personalized cards. At my 10 year old relative’s elementary school (And at several schools across the GTA), they are selling 10 Cards for a mere $12.00. Students at the schools submitted the artwork that is displayed on the cards.

Here is the order form for my relative’s school, and a close up of her work (the third image from the left, with the two girls)

Here is a very cute card made by one of my good friend’s little sister, at a school in Burlington (It’s a bad photograph, but it gives you an idea of how the finished product looks).

I think this is a GREAT idea! If you are interested in ordering these cards, email me at srisarts at gmail.com and I will direct you to the right person. My family has ordered a pack of these cards- it’s SO cute!