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Engagement Cards :)



This past week, I got engaged! Though I didn’t plan the event, I got to pick out decorations, design invitations, arrange for hand designed table numbers, and wrap return gifts. Basically, all the fun stuff!

I drew a motif using my .3 mm Stabilo Pen, converted it into a Vector Image, and used that as the theme for this event. The casual mehendi invite to my immediate family had the image in mehendi-green followed by text. The bridesmaid invite in rich purple (Top Right) included a cheesy poem, and were personalized for each bridesmaid. The engagement e-vite was in a deep maroon (Bottom Left), and the Thank You Cards (Top Left) were in a rustic orange. The maroon and orange matched the decorations at the hall, and those colours were also used for the beautiful number signs for the table decor.

The event was a lot of fun, and it was touching to have family all over the world come to celebrate with us! Stay tuned for several wedding related DIY projects :)

Diwali Mehendi


My mom has been asking me to put Mehendi for her since Diwali. I had 20 minutes before I headed out with some friends yesterday, so I decided to fulfil her wishes. Regardless of the two week delay, I did put the Henna just in time for a delayed Diwali party we’re heading to tonight.

Unrelated note: Those Koala’s behind ma’s hand is a growing collection of gifts from people I know who went to Australia, including my grade 4 teacher, my relative, and a distant family friend. I love those little guys.

First Full Hand Henna Attempt


As a kid, I was always fascinated by mehendi. I loved the smell and the results, and it was always a MUST on our India trips. Of course I used to experiment with it as well, and my poor mother usually had to sport horrible designs everytime I felt creative. Since then, I have improved a lot, and though I am still far from being a true professional, I have made a mark (literally) on a few of our family friends events :).

My sister found an online design that she wanted on her hands during a family friends wedding in 2008. After years of doing the typical arabic style henna, this was my first time attempting a proper (I say proper, because most of the henna ‘experiments’ that I did as a kid that were far from ‘decent’) full hand henna design. Just incase I messed up, I took a picture half way through :P

This was a simple design I did on someone else on the same day

Henna Mango- Whodunit? Submission


At the Whodunit fundraising event at OCAD University, I was able to check out a lot of great artwork, and see my own artwork on display! Of course, this means that it wasn’t purchased, but it was pretty exciting regardless.

The work that I submitted was extremely simple, and it was my very very first work in ink. I used only one split tip pointed nib to complete this work, trying to get used to maneuvering the pen prior to my first ink class. The submission was 5×7 inches, as per Whodunit guidelines.

This is my submission, the image on the website, and the original on the Whodunit display.

Colourful Mango and Abstract Swirls


I recently bought a pack of these colourful pens to use for this card

Of course, with colours as bright as those, it’d have been a pity to stop at one card! I decided to use them for my free-time-doodle-book! I use this book to do doodles during lunch breaks, train rides, and the 5 or 10 minutes when I’m sitting in bed before I go to sleep.

1. This one took me a day, and it has a henna influence similar to the Henna Ganesha.

2. This one also took me a day. I was originally planning to fill the entire page, but I really liked the effect that I got with this so I stopped. It’s definitely a lot simpler than the mango

Henna-Style Ganesha


Last week I decided to start using a small sketch book that I recieved as a gift. I drew a Ganesha using traditional Henna patterns. I have experimented with Henna/ Mehendi Designs, and twice (Due to hired henna artists showing up late or not at all) did it for family weddings. I thought the dark lines and decorative designs would be an interesting approach for the elephant headed god who is more-often-than-not drawn and painted in abstract ways.

The paper was a little bit too smudgy for me, so I think I will stick to using this sketch book for ink from now on. However, I really liked the outcome of this drawing. What do you think?