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DIY Wooden Frame Necklace



I went to Michaels to pick up a paint brush, and when I walked by these $1.50 photo frames, I thought “those would make great necklaces!” Using the frame, a pair of scissors, sanding paper, acrylic paint, and a few of my old jewelry supplies, I created this double sided wooden necklace. ┬áThis project took less than an hour, and it looked great with my white top and blue jeans :)


Wooden Photo Transfer – DIY!


For a friends 24th birthday, I decided to try out wooden photo transfers- a crafts project that I’ve been thinking about for a while. At University, I had a huge group of friends, but the four of us were inseparable! We were SO different, that there was never really a dull moment. We’ve now been friends for over 5 years, and I always look forward to our baking sessions, movie nights, and coffee breaks. Needless to say, one of the photos I picked was of the four of us at our graduation dinner. The other photo I picked was of the Toronto sky line, something I know my friend will like.

Michaels had a huge sale for Labour Day weekend which actually justified their exorbitant prices. I picked up some Elmers glue, mod podge, and wood, and I was on my way! It was definitely a tedious process, and I have already learnt a bit about what works and what doesn’t. While it’s not perfect (Half of one of my friends face was knocked off :P), I hope she likes the thought that went into it :)

Here are some pictures of the process. For the most part, I followed the instructions on e-How. I actually liked how it wasn’t a perfect transfer. The wood showing in between gives it a rustic feel, and the results look great on my mantle. While tedious and messy, it’s definitely not too difficult, so give it a try!

While I did this nearly two weeks ago, I couldn’t post this until now, as I didn’t want my friend to see it before we gave it to her :) Happy crafting!