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Toronto Skyline at Night


IMG_20150502_155433 copy

When I got a tiny condo downtown, I knew it called for some huge dramatic artwork. This 4 feet x 3 feet Toronto Skyline in Oil Paint goes really well with our Chic Toronto theme.

In 2012 when I was just learning how to paint with oils, I had completed this painting, also of a Toronto skyline at night. It has gotten a surprising amount of traffic and is still one of the top hits on google when you search for skyline paintings. It’s amazing to see how far I have come in a few short years, and I hope (for the sake of my reputation as an artist :P) that this painting slowly takes that over!


Taj Mahal Watercolours


IMG_20150222_005418 (1)

This 11×14″ Taj Mahal was a colourful interpretation painted in Water Colours. You can see my work in progress below :)


Kids & Cherry Blossoms



This was a commissioned painting of my relative’s kids looking up at a large Cherry Blossom tree in British Columbia. This was definitely one of the most challenging paintings I have ever done, and it was really rewarding to see everything come together. Most importantly, it was very well received :). Hopefully this is the start of many more :)

This is a 16×20″ Oil Painting on Canvas

Happy 3 years Srisarts!


The past three years have been pretty big ones in my personal life, and through all the ups and downs, art, dance, and music have given me a lot of happiness. It’s been great sharing that with you, and the support I have gotten through facebook & my blog have been amazing! I hope you stick around for more years to come.

Here’s a picture of what I feel is my best personal creative project in the past three years


Buddha Face Painting


For the Handicare International fundraiser, I had donated this Buddha painting for their silent auction. This is actually the first oil painting I have done with no reference photograph! This simple Indian inspired painting raised $61 for the cause :)

Toronto Skyline at Night


In July, we went on a party cruise in Toronto to celebrate a friends birthday. We got to view the Toronto skyline at night, and it inspired me to do this next painting. I donated this painting to to the Annual Handicare International Fundraiser for their silent auction, and it raised $50!

Also, it was brought to my attention that this photograph looks exceptionally blue. The contrasts in the original painting are definitely much better.