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Alice in Wonderland – A poster in type



In Typography, we were asked to create a poster for any book, movie, or play using only elements of type. I decided to use elements of the Cheshire cat to represent the move Alice in Wonderland.   To create the bars at the bottom & the teeth, I used the letter ‘l’ in a sans serif font. I then used a serif font bracket for the smile.

I created these two additional posters. I used serif and sans serif “o”‘s to represent the different ‘worlds’ in Inception (I don’t think this worked out as well), and a simple bracket & dash to represent Captain Hook in Peter Pan. I also created an additional version of the Alice in Wonderland with whiskers.

inception posterPeter Pan PosterAlice In Wonderland Typography Poster

If you haven’t seen expressive typography posters before, check out this link for inspiration! http://blog.gessato.com/2011/06/13/typographic-movie-posters-by-patrik-svensson/

Sri Ram Katha- Poster Madness!


This past weekend was our Dance Drama “Sri Ram Katha”. It was a huge hit :) It was completely sold out, and the feedback we got was fantastic! For this event, I was going crazy preparing posters of different sizes, a 24 page booklet, at least 8 advertisements from our sponsors, and more! It was a massive challenge because I don’t know the software well, so every small thing became a huge project in its own. It took me a few hours just to figure out optimal printing settings (And even then, my crop marks weren’t done properly). It was a lot of hard work on the design front, but it was extremely exciting to see 250 booklets with my design on it! The top photo above is a 24 x 38 inch poster that we printed for the front entrance. It was massive! The image below is a facebook “cover photo” that was featured on “Priyalasya“.

After a huge website update, the work is finally coming to a close. It was a tiring couple of weeks, but it was completely worth it :)

Sri Ram Katha- The Life of Lord Rama


Having a mom who runs a dance academy, I am often in charge of posters & tickets for events. Previously, my “MS publisher” posters and tickets were simple and completely amateur. Though I have only taken two design courses, creating the poster was a lot more fun! Though this low resolution jpg is a little blurry, the PDF that we sent to print was great quality!

This event, “Sri Ram Katha”, is something that we are all really looking forward to. The music by Bombay Sri Krishnamurthy is fantastic. It is a mix of traditional classical music & lighter bhajans, with instruments ranging from the western piano to the ‘mridangam’. Interspersed with dialogues in English, and packed with dance and drama, this show will definitely appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Designer Dinesh Ramsay- Announcement Poster


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a month working at the Designer Dinesh Ramsay boutique alongside Dinesh Ramsay himself, a bollywood designer who has designed outfits for stars such as Raveena Tandon, Rekha, and Aishwarya Rai. Dinesh is a great person to work with, and we’ve kept in touch over the years.

Just today, I helped Dinesh design a quick email poster to announce his latest store in New Jersey. This poster was made on Adobe Photoshop, and I paired the bold and vibrant images with a clean and simple layout.

This is also the introduction to a new section of this blog- Graphic Design. Over the past couple of years I’ve designed two temporary websites and one real one (With drop down buttons and all. It was my pride and joy). I’ve also designed several posters, tickets, etc., and continue to be the official webmaster for my Bharathanatyam Academy. Similar to most of my other hobbies, I am definitely not a professional. In fact, all my formal training came from Grade 10 “Communications Tech” (Which was over 8 years ago when technology was slightly more primitive. Wow, I’m getting old!) I really should thank Google for all my informal training over the years :P

Enjoy :)