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Kaisi Paheli Zindagani & A Kiss to Build A Dream On


When the song Kaisi Paheli Zindagani came out, there was a buzz that it was a copy of the song “A Kiss to Build a Dream on” by Louis Armstrong. I personally love both songs and saw their similarities as a great opportunity to put these together :) Thank you to my sister Sneha for the videography!

Kaisi Paheli Zindagani
Original Singer: Sunidhi Chaudan
Movie: Parineetha
Music Director: Shanthanu Moitra

Nayi nahin nayi ye baatein ye baatein hain puraani
kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagaani

thaama haan roka isko kisne haan yeh to behta paani
kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagaanipi le isse, is mein nashaa
jisne piyaa voh gham mein bhi hasaapal mein hasaaye aur pal mein rulaaye yeh kahaani
kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagaaniaankhon mein gair sapna nayaa
aansu tera ek moti hai banaa

suuri tagar pe jaise suuri yeh chaanv ho suhaani
kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagaani

Translation (By Hindilyrics.net)
None of this is new; no, this is all old talk
of what a riddle, what a riddle life is!

Who ever managed to stop its eternal flow?

Drink it slowly; it’s a powerful intoxicant!
He who has drunk of it knows laughter even in grief.

It’s a story that makes you laugh and cry in the space of an instant.
What a riddle, what a riddle this life is!

A strange dream in your eyes;
your tear has made a pearl.

Like sun blocked by a shield, how lovely and restful is this shadow!
What a riddle, what a riddle this life is!

A Kiss to Build A Dream On
Original Singer: Louis Armstrong

Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on

Give me a kiss before you leave me
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart
Leave me one thing before we part
A kiss to build a dream on



A few years ago, my mami introduced me to a set of CD’s titled “Sacred Chants”. The CD’s are comprised of simple bhajans & shlokas, rendered by a group of woman singing in beautiful harmony, accompanied by modern instruments. The music really takes you to a different place. This song, titled Krishnashtakam is a shloka about Krishna. My rendition doesn’t have instruments, though I did use a second layer to add in some harmony. I had actually recorded this over two years ago, using my old lenovo laptop & mike, back when I was in University. It was a very nice discovery :)

Krishnashtakam Lyrics

Vasu deva sutham devam
Kamsaanura mardhanam
Devaki paramaa nandham
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Adhasi pushpa sangaasam
Haara noopura shobitham
Rathna kangana keyuram
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Kudilaalaka samyuktham
Poorna chandra nibhananam
Vilasath kundala tharam-devam
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Hare krishna hare krishna
Krishna krishna hare hare(2)

Mandhara kandham samyuktham
Chaaru haasam chaturbujam
Parhi pinjaava sudangam
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Uthpulla padma bathraksham
Neela jimutha sannibham
Yaadha vaanam shirorathnam
Krishnam vandhe jadathgurum

Rukmani keli samyuktham
Vinaabha dhushobitham
Avaaptha thulasi thannam
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Hare krishna hare krishna
Krishna krishna hare hare(2)

Gopikaanaam kusath vandha
kunkumangitha vakshasam
Sriniketham mahesvasam
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Srivathsangam mahoraskam
Vanamaala virajitham
Sangu chakra tharam devam
Krishnam vandhe jagathgurum

Hare krishna hare krishna
Krishna krishna hare hare(2)

Aaye Giridhar Dhware


A lot of my favourite songs have a mellow hindustani feel feel to them, and this song is no different. This beautiful Keerthanam “Aaye Giridhar Dhware” , in raagam Puriya Danashri (South Indian raagam – Pantuvarali) was taught to me by my guru.

Tomorrow morning I leave on my 1.5 week vacation, and though I have 100 other things to do, I couldn’t resist taking a quick try at this amazing new USB mirophone. Though it was a quick, less than perfect rendition, you have to admit that the unedited recording quality is fantastic! Enjoy :)

Mora Saiyan


I first heard Mora Saiyan in Indian Idol a couple of years ago. It has been one of my favourite songs since. I decided to do a recording of this song yesterday afternoon.

When I was a kid, my sister and I would pick random Hindi songs, find the lyrics, and sing along. It’s hard to imagine that this was prior to YouTube and Google days. We would record ourselves on Sound Recorder and then laugh at ourselves afterwards. When we lost all of our data the day our old old computer crashed, the saddest loss for me was all of the silly songs we sang and made up. For these one shot audacity recordings, I do the same thing. I just randomly pick a song, open up the lyrics/karaoke track online and go at it. It could probably be much better if I practiced, listened to the song first, or used a recording that wasn’t my first, but it’s become a bit of a tradition!

I digress. Anyways, here is my recording, as usual done on Audacity using my oh-so-amazing Laptop Mike. I found the karaoke here.

You can find the lyrics with translation here

Happy Valentines Day!


I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Valentines Day with this quick cut and paste heart using premade scrap book paper, and a quick rendition of Pehla Nasha. I used a Karaoke that I found on YouTube, and used Audacity to change the pitch and add my voice in. Enjoy! :)

Pehla Nasha Lyrics & Translation

I got the translation from HERE

Chaahe Tum Kuch Na Kaho, Maine Sunn Liya
Though you didn’t say anything, I heard you

Ke Saathi Pyaar Ka, Mujhe Chunn Liya
That you chose me your mate

Chun Liya, Maine Sunn Liya
You chose me, and I heard it

Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar
The first elation, first hangover

Naya Pyaar Hai, Naya Intezaar
Love is new to me, so is this longing

Karloon Main Kya Apna Haal
What will I do to myself

Ae Dil-E-Beqaraar
Oh restless heart

Mere Dil-E-Beqaraar, Tu Hi Bata
My restless heart, you may tell me

Udtaa Hi Phiroon Inn Hawaon Mein Kahin
Shall I roam around along this wind

Ya Main Jhool Jaon Inn Ghataon Mein Kahin
Or shall I swing on these clouds

Ek Kardoon Aasmaan Aur Zameen
May I unite the sky and earth

Kaho Yaaron Kya Karoon, Kya Nahin
Tell me friends, what I should do and what not

Usne Baat Ki Kuch Aise Dhang Se
He spoke to me such a way that

Sapne De Gaya Woh Hazaaron Rang Ke
He gave me dreams in a thousand colours

Reh Jaun Jaise Main Haarke
I will remain surrendered like this

Aur Choome Woh Mujhe Pyaar Se
And he will kiss me with Love


P.S: I had scheduled this post for valentines day, and I just realized today that I didn’t click Publish!!

Raagi Thandhira


A few months ago, I attended a Bombay Jayashri kacheri (concert) at a Kannada temple, and LOVED “Raagi Thandhira” in Revati Raagam. I promptly learnt the song using YouTube, and though I probably don’t do justice to it, I still enjoy singing it.


P: RAgi tandirA bhikShakE rAgi tandIrA
bhogyarAgi yogyarAgi bhAgyavantarAgi nIvu

A: annadAnava mADuvarAgi anna chatra vaniTTavarAgi
anya vArteya biTTavarAgi anudina bhajaneya mADuvarAgi (Ragi)

C: Guru gala sevEye mADuvarAgi gurutige bAhOranthavarAgi
Kare kare samsArava nItavarAgi purandara viTTalana sEviparAgi


From here

The composer Purandaradasa starts with the simple meaning of the word Raagi (grain), asking for grain. He then plays on the world raagi to delve into a deeper meaning, basically asking to attain “moksha”



One of my huge music obsessions is “light” carnatic music. This includes songs in raagams such as Kapi, Desh, or Hamir Kalyani, and a wide variety of carnatic fusion music.

During the height of my ‘obsession’ last summer, I discovered “Anil Srinivasan” through the Sikkil Gurucharan Website. I listened to “Sarvam” on the Gurucharan home page and wanted more. I turned to deezer.com, where I found two full albums of Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan, which I have listened to on repeat many times. I also found Anil Srinivasan’s Gallery on his own website. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any of the CDs in the Canadian stores, or I would definitely purchase them.

When it comes to light and soothing carnatic music, this is possibly the best that I have ever heard.

I used my lenovo mike and audacity to record “Ksheerabdhi” onto my computer, and on a new track, I added my own voice in. I used the “noise removal” effect to clean up the sound a little bit. It was a one shot recording, so it’s not even near perfect, but I loved singing with the piano!

So here it is, a “collaboration” with Anil Srinivasan, featuring singers Subiksha Rangarajan, and me!


ksheerabdi kanyakaku sree maha lakshmikini
neerajaalayakunu neeraajanam

Charanam 1 :
Jalajaakshi momunaku jakkuvakuchambulaku
nelakonna kappurapu neeraajanam
aliveni turumunaku, hastha kamalambulaku
niluvu manikyamula neerajanam…neeraajanam

Charanam 2 :
Pagatu sree venkateshu pattapu raniyai
negadu sati kaLalakunu neerajanam
jagathi alamelu manga Chakkadanamula kella
nigudu nija sobhanapu neerajanam…neeraajanam

Charanam 3 :
Charana kisalayamulaku sakhiyarambhorulaku
niratamagu mutthyala neerajanam
aridhi jaghanambunaku nathiva nathanaabhikini
nirathi nanavarna neerajanam…neeraajanam

Meaning Summary

Summarized from here

Neerajanam means “benediction” or an invocation of divine blessing.

This song goes through all of the qualities of the goddess Lakshmi, and seeks blessings from the one with lotus like eyes, dark flowing hair, soft hands, and a pleasant voice.