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Painted Jewelry Boxes


IMG_20130920_223710 IMG_20130920_223755

For our friends’ 25th birthdays, my friend Sarica & I decided to decorate wooden boxes and fill them with 25 memories & $25 gift cards :) I had a really fun time adding as many acrylic paint colors as possible and lots of little jewels :). You can’t see it in this picture, but the bottom of the box is painted in a deep blue, and the inside walls are orange.


Indian Woman




Using watercolours and red & silver rhinestones I purchased from Etsy, I painted an Indian Woman. I’m still very new to watercolours and haven’t been trained at all, so this isn’t exactly my best work :P

Watercolours are fun because they’re quick to set up and easy to clean, but it is a completely different way of painting than oils, so it takes a while to get used to.

Purple Floral Rhinestone Card


I created this card using white card stock, a few rhinestones from the dollar store, old scrapbook paper and acrylic paints. Definitely a card fit for a diva :)

This card was also a part of my sick afternoon creative session. Two days of painful boredom was good for something!