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Toronto Skyline at Night


IMG_20150502_155433 copy

When I got a tiny condo downtown, I knew it called for some huge dramatic artwork. This 4 feet x 3 feet Toronto Skyline in Oil Paint goes really well with our Chic Toronto theme.

In 2012 when I was just learning how to paint with oils, I had completed this painting, also of a Toronto skyline at night. It has gotten a surprising amount of traffic and is still one of the top hits on google when you search for skyline paintings. It’s amazing to see how far I have come in a few short years, and I hope (for the sake of my reputation as an artist :P) that this painting slowly takes that over!

Blue Flower Patterned Card


I recently bought a pack of gems from Walmart, and Krazy glue from Curry’s, and I’ve been obsessed with patterned cards, which you will probably see a lot of in the next little while.

Here is a birthday card that I made a few weeks ago. In the space on the front cover, I wrote “Happy Birthday”

Jewelry Night


I had a quiet evening to myself after a very long time, so I went on a bit of a jewelry making craze. I made these while watching “What a Girl Wants” on TV. I had a very fun evening :)

1. I made a simple silver and blue necklace for my mom, and her friend wanted a similar one in antique gold and orangey red.

2. I bought these fake pandora beads a LONG time ago and finally made the bracelet I wanted. I also made two pairs of earrings to match.

3. I got these fun beads and made a bracelet out of them. They are not only fun, but they are neutral enough to wear to work.

4. This one is my favourite. I got these amazing 2-holed-spacers, and made a freshwater pearl bracelet with matching earrings.

As always, I got all my supplies from Arton Bead store in Toronto

Edited to Add: Some of these items are for sale on srisarts.etsy.com ! Check it out :) If you would like to purchase something that hasn’t been posted on Etsy, send me an email

Jewelry Making


Recently a friend introduced me to jewelry making and it’s quite an addictive hobby. It takes very little to get started, and it requires very little skill to put it together. The benefit is, that for a couple of hours worth of work, you can really get jewelry made the way YOU want it, to specifically match outfits. It’s also a lot cheaper!

Last week I made this set for my mom. She’s into slightly chunky jewelry, and wanted something like this to wear with her jeans and simple salvars. The stone I used was “Chrysocorra”, the gemstone of peace. This stone is great for health problems, relationship issues, and is used to treat diabetes, arthritis and more! Interesting isn’t it? It’s a really pretty stone, and every single bead is different, so it adds character to the necklace.  (Read more here). I shopped at Arton Beads in Toronto, honestly an amazing place. The string of  chrysocorra beads cost me $6.00 (On sale), and the round silver beads cost me only $2.50 a pack ($5 in total). I got all the wire previously and I’ve already used it for many jewelry pieces.

At the same time, I also made a set for my friend’s birthday. I made earrings, a long necklace, and a bracelet. I used fresh water pearls and amethyst. The string of fresh water pearls were $8.00, and I got two strings of amethysts for $6.00 each. See what I mean by affordable? For only $20.00 (plus a little extra for wires etc), I was able to make a customized and personal gift.

Here’s the intro to jewelry making :) I’ve made a lot more so stay tuned for more picture uploads.

Edited to add: Both these pieces are now for sale on srisarts.etsy.com ! Check it out :)