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Toronto Skyline at Night


IMG_20150502_155433 copy

When I got a tiny condo downtown, I knew it called for some huge dramatic artwork. This 4 feet x 3 feet Toronto Skyline in Oil Paint goes really well with our Chic Toronto theme.

In 2012 when I was just learning how to paint with oils, I had completed this painting, also of a Toronto skyline at night. It has gotten a surprising amount of traffic and is still one of the top hits on google when you search for skyline paintings. It’s amazing to see how far I have come in a few short years, and I hope (for the sake of my reputation as an artist :P) that this painting slowly takes that over!

The Newest Artist at Paint Nite Toronto!



If you haven’t already heard about Paint Nite, its a great North America wide organization that you should definitely check out! I had been to a Paint Nite with some friends, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. People who had never lifted a paintbrush in their lives were creating amazing works of art, and it really brought out the imaginative child in everyone.

I’m extremely excited (and lucky) to have the opportunity to share my love of the arts, and be a part of such an awesome initiative!

If you were thinking of checking out a Paint Nite, now is the time. There is a Groupon, which means the entire experience is only $27! Check out paintnite.comor my personal Artist Page to pick your event :)