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7 days of Christmas Day 5- Cake Pops!


Last weekend my friend came over and she brought her cake-pop machine. She also pre mixed everything we needed to make the cake pops, so we just put it all together like we were professional chefs. The results were SO awesome, and were perfectly in theme with our blue and silver Christmas party. For the stand, we wrapped up a styrofoam board in wrapping paper.

Here is our blue and silver Christmas tree! We always sort our ornaments before we put them on the tree, so we get the perfect colour balance :)

7 Days of Christmas Day 4- Christmas Cookie Cutter Cookies


Last week, for a small Christmas gathering we had at home, my sister and I made nearly 100 cookie cutter cookies for gifts bags, and party snacking. These cookies were the BEST sugar cookies i’ve had, and the icing turned out great! I used THIS recipe, and used simple cookie cutters that I got from Walmart.

In my modified recipe I used 50% of the egg quantity, and used the following ‘egg recipe’ for the rest:

1 egg = 2 tbsp water + 1 tbsp oil + 2 tsp baking powder

The cookie dough MUST be refridgerated over night. I wrapped the dough in wax paper, and then secured it with cling wrap to make it air tight. When working with the dough the next day, we kept it in room temperature for 1/2 an hour or so before starting, but it was still hard. We used a knife to cut the dough into slabs, kneaded the dough, then we rolled it on a powdered surface.

Once you get the hang of it it’s extremely quick and easy, and the results are professional!

To make the icing, we used the following recipe

1 cup icing sugar + 3 teaspoons milk + 2 teaspoon light corn syrup.

I didn’t have corn syrup at home, so I made some myself. I boiled 1 part water, then added two parts powdered sugar (NOT icing sugar). I boiled it until the sugar dissolved, then added a few drops of vanilla extract. I doubled the icing quantity and it was good for about 20 cookies.

From the picture above, you can also tell that we made a batch of ‘Smore’s cookies‘.

Outside this gorgeous white tree in the Downtown Path, many pretty tables have been set up where anyone is free to enjoy their lunch. Almost every day this week, there has been live music entertaining all those who pass by.

7 Days of Christmas Day 2- Christmas Cards


Here are some fun results from my final Christmas Card order of the season! These were made using Acrylics and gold pen.

When my sister and I went to lunch this afternoon, we bumped into one of the greatest Christmas sights I’ve seen this year! This little caroling group was singing “Winter Wonderland” in front of one of Toronto’s many Christmas trees. The singing was so beautiful, and the outfits were great!

What have been your favourite Christmas sights this year?

Christmas Gift Tags


For the second Christmas order of the season, I made a dozen individually crafted gift tags. I used acrylic paints and pens on Canson watercolour paper, and tied them up with simple red ribbon. If you are interested in ordering Gift Tags or Cards from Sri’s Arts, please email me at srisarts at gmail.com. Enjoy :)!

Giving Tree


A little while ago, I completed another “drawing in a day”, during the breaks in my day.

I was remembering my childhood, and I remembered what a huge impact Shel Silverstein had on it. For over a half of my elementary school years, I would quote the poems. One of my favourites was “Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout“. One of Shel Silverstein’s books, “The Giving Tree”, was the inspiration of this drawing.